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Technology in Electric Off-Road Vehicles

Great Minds Think Alike. And Also, Differently.

To get to the game-changing technology behind off-road electrification, it took a like-minded partnership. Two brands sharing a passion for industry-leading innovation with each bringing a unique perspective to the table: Polaris, with our expertise in high-performance off-road vehicles, and Zero Motorcycles, with their advancements in electric powertrains. Come experience what we’ve built together.

Diagram of the Interior Permanent Magnet AC Motor in Ranger XP Kinetic

The Electric Powertrain

The science behind electric is fairly straightforward. Instead of spark plugs and pistons, an Interior Permanent Magnet AC Motor turns the gears that get things rolling, delivering power and torque with extreme precision no matter the task at hand. That’s why an electric vehicle can handle heavy hauling and towing as effectively and efficiently as it does instant acceleration when you need a little adrenaline rush.

Inner view of a Ranger XP Kinetic cockpit

Smart Riding Experience

Maximizing power and efficiency was an important goal from the start. So, we built intelligence into the design, including regenerative braking, which captures kinetic energy during deceleration and gives it back to the battery helping to extend battery life and vehicle range. Each vehicle is also designed with three modes: Eco+ mode to maximize efficiency, Standard mode for day-to-day riding and Sport mode when 0 to 40 in 4.5 seconds sounds more fun.

Diagram of a Ranger XP Kinetic battery

Battery Technology

Lithium Ion was the only way to go. It excels in capacity, efficiency, reliability and longevity when compared to lead-acid solutions. We also built flexibility into our vehicles with the option of one battery or two on some models to provide more range for those who need it. Finally, we’ve partnered with Qmerit to deliver smart charging solutions that maximize efficiency and battery life.

Polaris Ride Command Plus

RIDE COMMAND is the premier ride planning and trail companion in the industry. Committed to continually innovating to help elevate the riding experience for all, Polaris has developed Ride Command+, delivering the next level of connectivity. Ride Command+ offers visibility to key vehicle information from your phone, giving riders added confidence and peace of mind.


These Ride Command+ features are complimentary during a trial period (after which fees apply).

Vehicle Locator
Vehicle Locator

The Vehicle Locator allows customers to monitor or find their vehicle location directly from their phone, enabling hunters or hikers to easily find their way back to their vehicle.

Issue Diagnostics
Issue Diagnostics

Receive a report when your vehicle has an identified issue so that you can stay ahead of a problem and minimize downtime.

Health Monitoring
Health Monitoring

Prepare for the ride and know your vehicle is up for the challenge even before you pull it out of the garage with remote monitoring of vehicle information, including charge time remaining, miles, battery level and more.

Ranger XP Kinetic diagram

The All-Electric RANGER XP Kinetic

Unlocking the next level of hardest working, smoothest riding UTV.