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Electrifying Off-road Vehicles



This isn’t electrification for electrification’s sake. We're always leading the charge, exploring new technologies to drive innovation off-road, with high-performance electric powertrains creating a way to unlock the potential of what you do outdoors. It's allowed us to design vehicles with more power and more torque to make the most capable UTV ever built. Period.


Polaris and Zero Motorcycles Partnership

A powerful partnership

We couldn’t trust this to just anyone. We weren’t looking to simply build electric vehicles. We wanted to build the best electric off-road vehicles that blow past many of the performance barriers of traditional UTVs. That’s why we sought out Zero Motorcycles. They’ve been developing electric powertrains for over 14 years and this partnership allows us to deliver instant reliability, ruggedness and range that’s been put to the test across millions of miles.

Four things you’ll want to know about electric

Few people realize that going electric brings more power, more torque and more control over towing. Plus, range isn’t often the factor most people think. See for yourself.

Ranger XP Kinetic racing through the road


Consider how you’ll use the vehicle, where you’ll ride and how far you actually go in a day. With this knowledge, range becomes easy to manage.

A man charging up his all-new Ranger XP Kinetic vehicle


Depending how you use your vehicle and how frequently you ride, there are simple ways to keep you up and running on your terms.

A hunter walking towards his Polaris Ranger vehicle before dusk

Electric Advantages

In addition to the extra boost in power and torque, your ride is much quieter and costs a whole lot less to operate and maintain.

Closer view of the Ranger XP Kinectic charger


Smart design delivers smart benefits like regenerative braking to help extend battery life and keep you riding longer.

Check out the all-new RANGER XP Kinetic

Do more than ever before with the all-new electric RANGER. Unmatched horsepower and instant torque means more power than ever before to precisely pull, haul more, and get more done. Our strongest drivetrain delivers lower maintenance costs and more uptime to get the job done. Plus, the quiet electric powertrain delivers the ability to converse and offers stealthy entry and exit to hunting spots.