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Ranger Country
Ranger Country Stories


Polaris has been a proud American company for over 65 years. Through the decades, we’ve seen countless American heroes become Polaris riders, from soldiers to doctors and teachers to farmers. These great men and women have kept our country going strong—so to honor their service, we want to celebrate the American heroes who make us proud to be an American company.


Now through June 22, nominate a Polaris rider or employee that you believe is an American hero, and we’ll feature their story in our social channels. Select heroes will receive a $500 to $1,000 grant or donation to the charity of their choice and a Polaris Prize Pack.



Ranger Contest

Nominate a hero in one of these five categories:


  • Protecting America (e.g. service members, veterans, first responders)
  • Healing America (e.g. doctors, nurses, home health aides)
  • Growing America (e.g. farmers, teachers, small business owners)
  • Sustaining America (e.g. grocery clerks, supply transporters)
  • Raising Up America (e.g. volunteers, others doing good)


Submit your stories by filling out the form below.

This contest has ended.


Proud American Company

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