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We believe that adventure is the pinnacle of the human experience. It is excitement unbound. It is at the heart of our most vivid memories. That's why we're dedicating to delivering adventure everywhere and anywhere. 


From sand dunes to mountain peaks, canyon rides to mud pits, our vehicles can take you where you where you never thought you'd be able to go. We've partnered with experts in outdoors, professional riders, and just all-around curious explorers to make sure our vehicles and outfitters are ready for wherever you want to go. From discovering unique riding destinations to a once-in-a-lifetime experience in the outdoors, you'll find endless ways to explore. 


Destination Polaris

Uncover the world's top riding destinations with Destination Polaris - the #1 off-road TV show in North America. Hosted by Jared Christie and Alexa Score, the Emmy award-winning program travels the country taking viewers on a thrilling ride to amazing destinations featuring the best riding spots, off-road racing, and custom builds. Get inspired to ride by checking out the unique trails and breath-taking locations with Jared and Alexa each week. 

This Week on Destination Polaris: "Project X Resurrection Industries"
This Week on Destination Polaris: Las Vegas Romo Family
This Week on Destination Polaris: Project X Rugged Radios

Check out New Episodes Starting in April

You can catch Destination Polaris each week from April-September on the Fox Sports Regional Networks in the US and Wild TV in Canada.

The new season of Destination Polaris starts April 5th.


Polaris Adventures

Adventures are defined as exciting or remarkable experiences, which is exactly what Polaris Adventures is dedicated to providing. Polaris Adventures goes beyond a rental, pairing exceptional Outfitters with the latest Polaris vehicles. We offer three different experience types as well as basic rentals, all at the best locations to ensure your adventures turn into memories that will last a lifetime.   

Premier Adventures & Incredible Destinations

Whether you are looking for a guided-tour in the dunes or a solo adventure in the mountains, Polaris Adventures can take you there. We partner with experienced outfitters who are not only well-versed in our vehicles, but are experts in finding the safest and most exciting experience for you - no matter your riding level. With Polaris Adventures, your possibilities are endless.

Rocky Mountains

Explore the Rockies

Appalachian Mountains

Visit The Highlands

Zion National Park

Travel the Paths of Pioneers