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Farming ATVs & Side-by-Side (SxS) Vehicles

With fields to cultivate, cattle to feed, crops to harvest and a long list of chores, there’s always plenty of work to be done on a farm. Fortunately, ATVs and SxSs are here to help. Packed with an unbeatable combination of power, capability, comfort, and hundreds of accessories, they can help you get more done, more quickly and with less effort - from sun up to sundown.

Explore Utility Vehicles for the Farm

Strong, resilient, and always ready when you are, an ATV or SxS is perfectly suited for life on the farm. Both will help you do more, haul more and tow more with minimal soil compaction and plenty of comforts, making those long work days a whole lot easier.

A collage of recommended Polaris Offroad vehicles for farming

Choose the Best Farming ATV or SxS

No matter the size of your farm or ranch, there’s an ATV or SxS that’s a great work partner for your operation. From a compact, nimble and affordable ATV, to the robust towing capacity, large payload, and multi-passenger seating of a SxS, Polaris has a farmhand with the right power and capability for your operation.

Two Polaris vehicles in front of a silo

What Type of Farm or Ranch Do You Have?

ATVs are ideal for touring smaller acreages or getting smaller jobs done. If you need to check on large pastures or carry supplies, a SxS may be a better option.

Ranger SP 570  towing farming materials

Will Farmhands or Family Be Riding With You?

ATVs are perfect for solo rides or with another passenger on a touring model. SxS offer greater flexibility to haul gear, up to six passengers or both with different seating options and exceptional payload capabilities.

A rancher and his Sportsman vehicle next to a fence

How Will You Use an ATV or SxS on Your Farm or Ranch?

Whether towing, hauling or riding, choose an ATV or SxSs and customize with accessories to fit your needs. ATVs are more nimble but have lower payload and towing capacities than an SxSs.


Our Polaris Product Pros are here to help. They are our passionate experts - men and women who live, breathe, and think outdoors every day. 8 AM - 6 PM CST (M - F)


Let us help you narrow down Polaris Off-Road's large selection of vehicles to the one that's just right for your specific needs.

Two ranchers next to their Ranger vehicle on a green field

Polaris Ag Advantage

For Farmers & Ranchers


Polaris is committed to supporting the agriculture community through industry-leading vehicles, partnerships and programs for the community. Because hard work never punches out.

Polaris Farming recommended accessories page screenshot

Farming Accessories

Find the right tool for the job. From storage solutions and plows to winches, windshields and all-weather cabs, outfit your Polaris RANGER with the right accessory to do more, more easily.

Ranger XP 1000 Trail Boss edition with the lights on in front of a barn

Driven By RANGER

There’s little you can’t do when RANGER is powering the everyday to-do list. From every season to every task to every pursuit, nothing compares to the capability of the world’s most trusted side-by-side.

Polaris Offroad Vehicles 2022 Lineup

What’s the Difference Between an ATV and a SxS?

Need help choosing the right off-road vehicle for your farm or ranch? This guide will explore the differences and benefits of ATVs and SxSs.