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RIDE COMMAND® adds a completely new dimension
to the off-road experience, by offering a world of connection at your fingertips.


RIDE COMMAND’s integrated GPS system lets you navigate the trails without worry. Use the GPS to track your location, find waypoints, and save rides.


RIDE COMMAND lets you choose between AM/FM, Weatherband, Bluetooth® or USB audio inputs so you can listen music your way on the trails.


RIDE COMMAND includes a Glove Touch capable 7” off-road ready display that acts as the hub of the system and can be used to integrate your phone, audio, and communication systems, or any other app through Bluetooth.

3 Ways to Experience RIDE COMMAND®

Introducing Ride Command Mobile App

Ride Command Mobile App

Command your ride with detailed trail maps and weather radar, conveniently located on the screen of your smartphone or tablet. Explore the map and search for ride areas to find the perfect location for your next ride.

Introducing Ride Command Display Accessory

Ride Command Display Accessory

Bring the convenience of Ride Command into your new vehicle. This accessory will also give you quick access to your vehicle diagnostics, Bluetooth® connectivity and audio controls all from the cockpit of your vehicle.


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Introducing Limited Edition Ride Command Vehicles

Ride Command Vehicles

Experience the true power of Ride Command in vehicles pre-installed with the stunning 7” display, rear camera, and premium audio systems.

Getting Started

Learn how to command your ride experience with this high-level walkthrough of Ride Command and its features. This video will help you navigate through the basic controls and screens on your Ride Command display.

Maps Screen

Learn how to utilize all of the Map Screen features like using waypoints and saving rides on your vehicle.

Device Manager

Learn how to connect your Bluetooth® devices and Smart Phones to your Ride Command display. Ride Command is compatible with most Andriod® and iOS phones.

Display Updates

Learn how to update your Ride Command Vehicle Software, Maps and Trails. You will need to log in or create an account online and a 32gb or larger USB flash drive.